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AI ARC - project

Artificial Intelligence based Virtual Control Room for the Arctic

Customized and implemented for the needs of security practitioners


The AI-ARC project will develop a shared collaboration workspace based on innovative and efficient AI-services, a VCR that will significantly enhance border and external security, as well as support cooperation managing external borders in the Artic and High North Seas.


The platform will be tested and developed together with practitioners and other end users in order to properly address their needs. The new technological solutions to be developed rely on existing systems, in compliance with EUROSUR.


Further, the platform is integrated with the CISE environment to ensure a seamless cross-sector and cross-border interoperability.


This ensures a quick uptake of the platform by the practitioners, and the platform does not require costly investments or increased workload. Finally, AI-ARC pays specific attention to societal resilience and aims to improve citizens´ perception safety too.

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