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Protection System for large gatherings of people in Religious Sites

Religious sites are often vulnerable to attacks due to their accessibility and limited security measures.


The ProSPeReS project aims to enhance protection in places of worship while maintaining their open nature. This involves collaboration between faith leaders, public services, and security experts to assess risks, raise awareness, and develop comprehensive protection systems.


The system includes tools, training (including VR-based eLearning), educational materials, and security measures covering the entire emergency cycle.


It also proposes a model for security during religious gatherings and emphasizes effective cooperation between stakeholders.

Main aims objectives

The general objective is to leverage security of places of worship in the EU against terrorist attacks. It will be achieved by forming a cooperation between faith-based leaders, public services and security experts, the places risk evaluation, raising public awareness (especially key beneficiaries – clergy and worshippers), as well as developing and validating comprehensive protection system.

Specific objectives
  • Establishing long-lasting model of cooperation among religious organizations, security experts and public protection services.

  • Exchange of good practice examples in current security systems and identifying a common set of evidence based needs and gaps at various religious sites of worship.

  • Preparing the tailor-made and validated security measures for religious sites.

  • Enhance the preparedness of religious sites for CBRN protection.

  • Preparing a modular training programme with educational materials for the religious sites in regular and eLearning mode.

  • Conducting training for the staff (trainers) related to security of religious sites to initiate the cascade scheme.

  • Designing and implementing EU-wide security raising awareness campaign.

  • Assuring sustainability and compliance with ethical and societal issues.

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