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Creation of CBRNE protection system for large area shopping malls (Mall-CBRN).

Chemical and biological and radiological threats are currently emerging.

The European society must take into consideration the associated risks. The use of any of the types of biological, chemical or radiological agents in various acts of terrorism may open the door for the possibility of destabilization of the European Union and lead to undermining economic stability, public security, and integrity in the EU community.


The motive of this type of action may be of political, religious, economic or national basis. Potential targets that are vulnerable to be found in the epicentre of the attack include large gatherings of people, places of continuous movement of people. These two key features characterise the large shopping malls which are “perfect” soft target to perform attack on large number of people and to cause a panic in public spaces.


Gaps analysis in security systems of shopping malls by consortium experts and advisory team members to check all procedures, equipment and knowledge of internal security services of selected shopping malls in the EU territory


Identification of most likely scenarios of terrorist acts with CBRNe agents in the area of shopping malls. Creating the list of most possible threats and define the terms for best prevention measures.

Preparing the recommendations for response procedures to CBRN terrorist act for shopping malls internal security services.


This objective will include

special communication materials with basic knowledge as well as procedures of recognition and response to CBRNe hazards.


As well as

short guidelines dedicated to better communication and cooperation
between shopping malls internal security services and law enforcement
services arriving at the action scene.

Equipment recommendations for detection of CBRNe hazards, specially adjusted to the level of knowledge and skills of internal security services as well as matching specification of places.

Series of CBRNe trainings for representatives of shopping malls who will get knowledge to implement developed CBRNe protection system in own facilities.


These trainings will be carried out by consortium CBRNe experts as well as the representatives of law enforcement institutions.

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