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Safe food in a safe production environment project

The aim of the project is to improve the EU's security of supply capabilities for risk assessment, detection, warning, mitigation and response to accidental and deliberate contamination of food and feed by chemical, biological and radiological (CBR) agents throughout the food chain (soil and agricultural production, feed and food industry, transport, retail and catering, public
food service).

The project aims at a multi-sectoral, sustainable and resilient society in 2024 (HORIZON-CL3-2024-DRS-01). The project will increase knowledge of the threats to and vulnerability of food supply chains. It will raise awareness among food businesses and authorities of CBR threats due to the spread of dangerous substances that endanger animal and public health.

In addition to raising risk and threat awareness, the project will also develop contamination preparedness, prevention, mitigation and response plans for national authorities and the private sector related to the food industry.



This will be done as part of the protection of critical societal functions and the implementation of the forthcoming CER Directive (


The main challenge is to increase the resilience of Europe's agricultural production, feed and food processing and distribution chains to sudden shocks.


The project answers the questions: how threats and risks are detected, how and to whom they are communicated, how to mitigate their impact and how to react quickly.


The project can be found at:

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